Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Education: Digital Badges

Campus Technology's December Issue ran an article on digital badges. While not replacing the degree a student receives for completing a college program, digital badges may be a valuable means for students to showcase certain credentials they acquire over the course of program completion. As the learning environment changes where students may take longer to complete programs due to financial or life constraints, digital badges may be a way to mark skill sets acquired that potential employers can view if students need to pause and work between their degree programs.

For more information, read: Show me Your Badge, by Audrey Watters

Friday, December 14, 2012 - Help for Difficult Financial Times

If you're looking for resources regarding financial challenges that you or your family may be experiencing, be sure to check's site entitled: Help for Difficult Financial Times

The site offers links in the following:

  • Unemployment, Jobs, and Training
  • Family Support
  • Housing
  • Health Care and Insurance
  • Debt and Credit

E-book: Six Easy Pieces

If you're looking for a book that introduces you to physics in a witty way, Six Easy Pieces, by Richard  P. Feynman  may be the book for you. In 1961-1963, at the California Institute of Technology,  Feynman  made a series of lectures, Six Easy Pieces, embodies these lectures in an enjoyable and approachable way.

For more information:

On Amazon: Six Easy Pieces, by Richard  P. Feynman

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