Thursday, January 17, 2013

Autism: First Autistic Contestant in Miss America Competition

You may have seen her in the news this week, Miss Montanna, Alexis Wineman is breaking new ground by becoming the first autistic contestant in the Miss America competition. Diagnosed at age 11 with autism, Wineman struggled during her early years, saying, "I felt like it came 11 years to late, but when it came right down to it, it really did help. I found ways to cope."

By the time Wineman had graduated from high school she'd been a cheerleader, was a cross-country runner, and participated in both the speech and drama team. Wineman continues to blaze paths as a speaker in schools, autism conventions, and doing work with other autism groups. What was her talent in the Miss America pageant you may wonder? Stand-up comedy. Congrats to Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana 2013!

For more information, read Lesley Young's article: Beauty Queen With Autism Makes Miss America History

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